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First of all, why visit Morocco?

Why visit anywhere else? That’s a better question! Morocco lacks no reasons to make it your next holiday destination. Situated on the edge of Africa, only fourteen kilometers away from Europe, Morocco is one of the most culturally diverse places. Visit this magical place today with Tropical desert trips!

Morocco has a rich history and culture

With a rich archeological history that goes back 300,000 years ago, Morocco is the land where humanity first dawned. Traveling across Morocco is a journey throughout human history and ancient civilizations. But that’s not what Morocco is all about. Each person might find something different to attract them to Morocco.

Morocco has the perfect weather.

For many people, especially Europeans, it’s the weather. The weather in Morocco is fantastic. North Africa is known for its sunny and hot weather. Morocco is the perfect place to visit to experience the warmth of Mama Africa. It indeed tends to be extremely hot in the summers, but hey, don’t forget that the Moroccan coasts always boast gentle weather. Places like the Sahara desert of Morocco, Marrakech, Fes, and other central regions are great during spring and autumn.

Moroccan cuisine is super-tasty

Are you a foodie? Of course, you are! Anyway, all we want to say is that you’ll absolutely find Moroccan cuisine mouthwatering — everyone does! Meals like Tagine, Tangia, Bastilla, and Harira are cuisine landmarks in Morocco. And don’t forget that Mediterranean cuisine is extremely healthy.

Moroccan cuisine relies a lot upon organic ingredients and olive oil, which are full of anti-oxidants. Your body will thank you for the food journey across Morocco. The beauty of Moroccan restaurants is that you can find the whole world in the menus because there are always international options.  

Moroccans are super-friendly

This brings us to the people. As Moroccans, we might be biased in saying that we’re very hospitable, open-minded, and yada yada, but it’s actually true 80% of the time. You’ll have to explore Moroccan hospitality on your own to form your own opinions in this regard. How? You might ask. Well, you have to visit! You’ll make some cool friends along the way!

The accommodations in Morocco are fantastic

Let’s talk about the accommodations in Morocco. First of all, they’re very diverse. The range of accommodations in Morocco spans from fancy hotels where only millionaires can spend a night to family-friendly Riads that showcase the beauty of simplicity. Beach and snow resorts are also available all over. And the restaurants are amazing, clean, and the food is always diverse and tasty. 

Morocco has a vibrant night-life-style

You like to party like there’s no tomorrow? We all feel like that from time to time. Anyway, the point is that Morocco is a land of parties and great bars, lounges, clubs, hotels, resorts, etc…, you name it. The vibrant lifestyle of the major cities cannot be found anywhere else. The diversity of the sort of fun activities you can have in Morocco will dazzle you. We’re very sure that anyone would appreciate grabbing a drink in a nice lounge restaurant in Casablanca and chill with the open-minded locals.

Why visit anywhere else? That’s a better question! Morocco lacks no reasons to make it your next holiday destination. Situated on the edge of Africa, only fourteen kilometers away from Europe, Morocco is one of the most culturally diverse places. Visit this magical place today with Tropical desert trips!

But before that, let us introduce Tropical Desert Trips!

Tropical Desert Trips is a high-class Moroccan tour agency. We are specialized in offering the most customized tours to our customers. Different people enjoy different things. With our help, you can design your tailor-made tour across Morocco.

Tropical Desert Trips will facilitate everything for you to have to the peaceful holiday in Morocco that you’ve always dreamed about. Exploring our exotic (to you at least) culture is an honor to us. We are very proud to present to you the best that our land has to offer.

From coasts and sunny beaches to huge mountains and valleys, and to the vastness of the Sahara, Moroccan geography has everything to offer, not to mention the extremely rich cities. All you have to do is visit the Medina of either Fes or Marrakech to experience a sensory overload that entrances your mind and transports the consciousness. To sum it up, traveling across Morocco is a sensory pleasure that you must include in your bucket list. Tropical Desert Trips will facilitate that for you.

Back to us! As one of the leading travel agencies, we’re very keen on quality. Our quality-oriented Tropical Desert Trips team of experts and well-versed/highly-educated guides is truly what makes our customers love to return to Morocco and travel again with us. We owe the biggest part of our gratitude to our country, and the rest of the gratitude goes to our collective of travel experts.

Morocco is super-diverse. Exploring our beloved country will feel like traveling across thousands of miles and back to the ancient centuries. Morocco is a country that gives you this impression thanks to its geographical and cultural diversity across the different regions. It’s a small country (relatively), but it’s very diverse. Come and discover it for youself with Tropical Desert Trips.

Even if you haven’t got the slightest idea about Morocco and where to go, Tropical Desert Trips can easily help you and suggest the best we have to offer as a nation. We will try to customize a Morocco trip that will suit your personality, you, and your loved ones.

During the Morocco itinerary, our local guides will keep things always exciting, educating, and fun for you and your loved ones.

But before that, let us introduce Tropical Desert Trips!

                There’s plenty for everyone in the world that Morocco has to offer, believe us. But we can’t offer everything. Still, we have the best possible services. 

Top-notch Morocco Itineraries

As we’ve already mentioned, we offer tailor-made private and group tours for your holidays in Morocco. We have a list of many suggestions that you can use to help you stir your tour toward the best possible outcomes. We typically start our tours from one of these cities: Marrakech, Fes, Tangier, and Casablanca. The tours (almost) always include visiting the Sahara desert of Merzouga. Our suggestions aim to include the most diverse programs possible. That’s why you find many of them traveling from mountains to desert and then coasts within a single day.

We also offer Morocco day trips to special locations that you can explore before it gets dark. Most of the day trip destinations are close to the cities we’ve talked about above. A very cool example is the day trip to Volubilis from Fes. This day trip will take you to the ancient Roman ruins of Volubilis, where you can explore the remains of the ancient civilizations before you head back to fes where the trip starts.

We Ensure Having the Best Morocco Experience

Tropical Desert Trips’ local guides and teams of experts will facilitate every step in your programed trip across Morocco. You’ll have the peaceful Morocco experience that you deserve. Your travel will be super-comfy and safe. Both of which will provide you with the right mindset to fully explore, wholeheartedly, what Moroccan culture and land have to offer.

We offer many packages for different people that you can select from. Contact us to learn more about customized Morocco trips. 

We Organize Fun Outdoor Activities

The amazing Moroccan landscapes provide excellent places for outdoorsy people. We always organize outdoor activities as part of our itineraries. Our day trips are a perfect example. Another great example is the desert nights that we organize in the dunes of Erg Chebbi.

You can spend the desert nights in the camps and bivouacs of Merzouga to experience what it was like to travel across the desert. You’ll be traveling on camels in a group of caravans. At night the Berbers who run the camps will keep everyone entertained with their hypnotic drum music.   

We Are a Morocco DMC

A DMC is essentially a Destination Management Company — which means that we offer quality travel services for conferences and special events. If you’re traveling to Morocco for attending an official event or something similar, we can help you with that, offering you all that you need.

We Are Moroccan Travel Experts

We are consistently thriving to utilize our years of expertise and professional contacts to facilitate your trip to Morocco. Our professional staff is carefully selected from the most brilliant people who are all about professionalism, reliability, and friendliness. We are very proud of the services we provide to our customers. Traveling across Morocco is a lot easier with us.  

Quality & Flexibility

Flexibility is one of our best qualities. We offer tailor-made Morocco holiday packages for your personalized needs. Each person may enjoy Morocco differently. Because we understand that, we can help you through our contacts to perfect your own Morocco itinerary program. You deserve the best experience and we are here to help you have that with our team of professionals.     


As long as you’re visiting Morocco, you don’t have to necessarily choose us. You’ll enjoy the trip anyway. But, hold on, if you want the best possible trip, one that is very comfortable and worth every penny, there are some reasons why you should choose Tropical Desert Trips. Traveling with us might be a very wise choice. 

Tropical Desert Trips is always at your service

We’re constantly upgrading the quality of our services to maximize the comfort of your travel experience, without losing the authenticity that you’re looking for in Morocco. With us, you’ll spend the Morocco holiday trip that you’ve always wanted to experience. Our services match up with the top-notch worldwide standards of travel agencies.  

Tropical Desert Trips offers a stress-free experience

You can just relax and leave all the planning of your trip across Morocco to us. We will take care of you in this regard better than anybody else. All the booking and planning is daunting sometimes. Don’t worry, we will do everything to make things relaxing and easy. You can just contact us and we will consult with you and prepare an itinerary just for you.

With Tropical Desert Trips, you’re in good hands

Throughout the years, we’ve been through many disruptive situations that made us more resilient, and able to deal with any unexpected issues. The years of work have made us more reliable and proficient in our services. Shortly said, your experience will be stress-free because we will take care of all the heavy duties, leaving you comfortable and ready to enjoy your trip. 

Tropical Desert Trips is efficient and offers friendly services

We are very proud of our team of experts. They have a thoughtful approach to planning your trip for the maximum good. With your help, we can organize a trip for you. We will have a series of questions to decipher what would a perfect holiday in Morocco be for you personally. We will suggest our program. And we can work it out until you’re finally satisfied with your Morocco Holiday trip with Tropical Desert Trips. 


Everyone wants to get back the value of their money in the best possible way. For that reason, we’re always looking for reasonable accommodations. By negotiating our contracted rates with the hotels, Riads, professional guides, and activities providers, we always keep the prices as reasonable as possible.

However, we offer something more valuable than money, which is time. We will take all the heavy lifting so that you can sit back comfortably while enjoying your trip. We are detail-oriented and every minute counts. We can take care of all the details that separate a bad trip from a good one.










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We Have Themed Holidays

Cultural tours

We can organize culturally oriented tours. People who are into exotic cultures will appreciate this type of tour with our professional guides who can tell all about the most culturally rich places in Morocco, Fes for example. An example of a culturally oriented tour that we can offer is a Jewish Heritage Tour, where we can explore all the landmarks of Jewish civilization in Morocco.


Family-friendly tours are an amazing choice for people with kids. We love to help our customers take their kids to enjoy the best fun activities all over Morocco. If you’re a family person, you can organize with our help a perfect tour that will take you to the most family-friendly places like Riads for example. 

Desert trips

We are very proud to tell you that we have desert-themed trips because it seems like they’re the most requested ones. People just love to experience the desert nights that we’ve talked about. The Desert trips will take you across the Sahara region of Morocco to visit the famous valleys, oases, and dunes. You can also explore the Hollywood of Morocco on one of these trips.

Ouarzazate and Ait Benhaddou have the largest film studios in the world. A huge majority of the Hollywood movies that are filmed in a historical setting and ancient fortresses are probably filmed there. If you’re into cinema and movies like Gladiator, the kingdom of heaven, and the series Game of Thrones, you have to go on a Morocco desert trip.

Honeymoon tours

We also offer honeymoon packages for the newly-wedded where they can explore the most romantic sights like the waterfalls of Ouzoud and the Corniche of Ain Diab.

Since Morocco isn’t a very expensive country, your honeymoon in Morocco will be a very wise choice. You’ll have the best time of your life with your lover while not busting your bank account. If you’re a married couple who have a limited budget, Morocco is the perfect destination for you both.

Photography tours

Morocco has no shortage of sceneries that you can capture on your lenses. We can provide a program for photography where you may visit the top Instagrammable places in Morocco. The list includes El Jadida, The Blue City Chefchaouen, Essaouira, the Dunes of Erg Chebbi, the Mountains, the Valleys, and many more…

Spiritual tours

The mystics can also travel with us to the top spiritual hubs in Morocco. If you’re a person who is interested in the Sufi landmarks and sanctuaries, you can organize a spiritual trip with us. You can also explore the various ways that Moroccans use to reach higher states of consciousness. For example, you can visit the Sahara town Khamlia where you can lose yourself to the eerie beats and tones of the Gnawa spiritual music.  The Moroccan tradition uses Gnawa music for exorcism and spiritual relief.

Unfortunately, the mosques in Morocco are only open to Muslims. But don’t worry Hassan II mosque is an exception. Hassan II mosque is one of the most gigantic modern religious buildings that you can find in Casablanca. The architecture and the beauty of this mosque showcase the mastership of modern Moroccan builders and artisans. 

Where to start your Morocco trip?


The Red City of Morocco is the number one tourist destination. Almost all the visitors include Marrakech on their itinerary. To start your Morocco tour from Marrakech, you’ll have to land in the international airport of Marrakech. You can spend a day or two exploring the landmarks of Marrakech.

You may visit the vibrant Jamaa el-Fna Square and the medina if you’re interested in the traditional lifestyle of Morocco.

Your tour from Marrakech can take two roads. You may travel across the desert and spend some time there, or you can go to Essaouira and head to Casablanca across the coastal road.

suggested tours from marrakech


The spiritual capital of Morocco, Fes, is a nice place to start your Morocco tour. Landing in the international airport of Fes, you may want to explore Morocco starting from the middle.

There plenty of attractions in Fes that you may want to visit. The most notable one is the al-Qarawiyyin university. It’s the first university in the world, according to Guinness and UNESCO.

From Fes, you may want to head south and visit Meknes city, which is an underrated imperial city. After that, you can go to Marrakech, traveling across the Atlas Mountains and the Sahara Desert. Fes is close to the north of Morocco, which makes it a perfect starting destination if you want to explore that part of Morocco.    

suggested tours from fes


Casablanca is the busiest Moroccan city. Casa, as the locals call it, is the pumping heart of Moroccan economy and culture. With a population of more than 6 million people, Casablanca is a metropolis that sums up the Moroccan experience.

Most of the visitors who come to Morocco land in Casablanca’s international airport. Casa is a good starting point. You may want to enjoy a drink or two in a local jazz bar or a fancy restaurant before you explore the remote areas of Morocco like the Sahara Desert.

From Casablanca, you may want to visit Rabat and the Blue City Chefchaouen before you head south to Fes and the Sahara desert. It’s a great itinerary for people who want to explore Morocco thoroughly.

suggested tours from casablanca


The Northern bride, Tangier is a legendary city by all standards. Everything in Tangier, especially the old parts, is attractive. The vibe of Tangier is a unique experience that many people get addicted to. That’s why you find many retired people from the West residing in Tangier in their late years.

Tangier is very close to Europe, only a few miles away. Traveling from Spain’s shores, you may reach Tangier in less than an hour. The legend says that Hercules separated the European and the African continents from Tangier.

Tangier is situated on the northwestern edge of Morocco (and Africa). Starting the tour from Tangier, your tour will be all southward. You can visit Fes before you head to the Sahara desert and Marrakech. From Marrakech, your tour can return northwestward to Essaouira and Casablanca, traveling across the coastal road.

suggested tours from Tangier

Our Day Trips

From Tangier To Chefchaouen 1 Day Trip

1 day Ait Benhaddou & Ouarzazate trip

1 Day Essaouira Trip from Marrakech

1 Day Trip To Chafchaouen From Fez

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