Have you ever watched an old movie that’s set in the Sahara, where there are camel caravans trekking through the desert and wondered, can I do that too? The answer is yes, you absolutely can!

With Tropical Desert Trips, you will get the opportunity to participate in camel treks organized and led by experienced guides, right in the middle of the Sahara desert. This will allow you to experience the desert in a way that no other activity can replicate. During the camel trek, there are no words to describe the exact feelings that the person goes through at that very moment. It’s as if you are becoming one with nature, in a place where you’re surrounded by nothing but endless sand dunes. 

Camel trekking is an amazing way to connect with the nature, culture, and people of the desert. It is an activity that has been around for centuries, and it is not going away anytime soon. This is one of the many ways desert locals are preserving their traditions and heritage. Not only this, but riding camels is still one of the best ways of transportation within the Sahara desert, next to 4×4 vehicles. This reasoning also contributes greatly to the widespread use of camel treks even today.  

The camels used for mounting are raised and looked after by the Nomad locals of the Sahara. The unique qualities of this animal allow it to acclimate to the extreme desert weather, making it a perfect animal to raise in these conditions. The camels will also provide an important source of meat, milk and skin for nomads. These scarce resources are sometimes the only thing supporting them through times of hardship. However, the significance of the camel goes beyond just that. In desert culture, camels are companions for long voyages, and a sign of courage and endurance. This increases the significance of a camel trek experience beyond just the aesthetic level, to a spiritual one.

While visiting Morocco, it is important that you try out a camel trek at least once, just for the experience. It is an important aspect of the Sahara culture that you just cannot skip over. We will help facilitate the task and make it easier for you by providing the camels and an experienced desert guide to assist you during the ride. Each participant will get their own camel and enjoy a magnificent ride through the Sahara’s ever-changing scenery.

The camel treks usually take place either in the late afternoon, so that you’ll get to experience the sunset while riding on the camel, or in the early morning, to enjoy the cool morning breeze while the sun is rising over the horizon. These two specific time frames make for a perfect opportunity to catch the beauty of the Sahara desert during a peaceful moment of serenity, which we recommend you to share with friends and family.

These reasons, and many more, are what makes camel trekking the unique experience that is it. People who are aware of this swear by this activity and always recommend it to others. We ourselves are aware of how much of a sacred practice camel trekking is, so we make sure to provide the best aspects of it to our customers. If camel trekking is an idea that interests you even in the slightest, don’t hesitate to just go for it during your next trip here.  

Discover our Camel trek trips and excursions below, and delve into an experience of a lifetime with Tropical Desert Trips.  

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