When planning for winter holidays or breaks from school/work, many people seek out tropical vacation destinations to spend their time off. Warmth, relaxation, sandy beaches and a love for discovery are more than enough reasons for people to leave the dark and gloomy weather behind and fly out to the tropical vacation of their dreams. Some of the more typical and popular tropical vacation destinations are becoming too crowded with flocks of tourists, and start to lose their authenticity.  

On the other hand, Morocco is a country with many unspoiled natural riches and attractions, making it a perfect destination for your next tropical vacation. The warm weather, the golden beaches and relaxing vibes can all be found in Morocco, next to so much more unique characteristics and landscapes. With the addition of the colorful culture, heritage and craftsmanship, Morocco is a dream land destination for people looking for a special and authentic tropical vacation.  


A main component to a tropical vacation is typically a lovely beach to enjoy the warm weather. Thankfully, Morocco doesn’t fall short on the number of golden, sandy beaches it offers to its visitors. Some beaches in Morocco fall next to big hotels and resorts, offering you a luxurious experience; while others are more secluded and off the beaten path, giving off a feeling of authenticity and privacy. Below are a few of the most beautiful beaches you can find in Morocco:

Dragon beach, Dakhla

Situated in the Western Sahara, Dakhla city is off the typical tourist path and its beaches remain unspoiled. This beach in particular is actually a little island that can be accessed by boat, off the shore of the city. Its white mesmerizing sand and crystal clear waters make it look like a little paradise on earth.

Lagzira beach, Sidi Ifni

Lagzira beach in Morocco is one of the prettiest wild beaches of the country, and has ranked 29th on Huff Post’s 2014 list of the 40 best beaches on earth. This comes as no surprise, seeing the breathtaking arches carved by years of wind and waves on the cliffs at the beach.

Taghazoute beach, Agadir

Taghazoute is a small fishing village, 30 minutes away from the famous Agadir city. The beach at Taghazoute is known for being a hotspot for surfers from all over the world, thanks to waves and winds. The aqua blue water next to the cozy vibes of the town are perfect for enjoying a tropical vacation.

Sidi Kaouki beach, Essaouira

Sidi Kaouki is a small, slow paced village located just about 30 minutes away from Essaouira. Since it is off the beaten path, you will be able to enjoy the true Moroccan authenticity while sitting back and relaxing at the Sidi Kaouki beach. This beach is also perfect for surfing and other water sports.

Thara Youssef beach, El Hoceima

On the coast of the Mediterranean sea lies the small Moroccan city of Al Hoceima, part of the Rif region. Al Hoceima is home to multiple breathtaking beaches, alongside luxury hotels and tourist facilities. The Thara Youssef beach is one those beaches that make their visitors feel like they are experiencing a piece of paradise, so don’t miss out!

The Sahara desert

While a tropical vacation may not usually entail any desert related activities, but if you are looking for a warm escape from gloomy and grey weather, then a desert trip can definitely be part of your plans. Next to its other natural riches, Morocco is home to the Sahara desert, where you can enjoy an unrivaled experience of piece and serenity. There are two main deserts in Morocco that you can visit:

Erg Chebbi desert

The Erg Chebbi desert, located at the outskirts of the town of Merzouga, is the more popular and most visited desert out of the two. This is due to the fact that Merzouga is easier to get to. The Erg Chebbi desert is home to some of the tallest sand dunes in the world, with many luxurious desert camps set up for visitors to enjoy their stay here.

Zagora desert

The second main desert in Morocco is the Erg Chigaga, starting from the town of Zagora (hence why it’s sometimes called the Zagora desert). Because Zagora is much harder to get to than Merzouga, Erg Chigaga remains largely untouched and unspoiled. However, you can still find facilities for visitors in the main town and some desert camps to stay at deep into the desert.


Next to beaches, valleys and mountains are a perfect resort to enjoy an adventurous and unique tropical vacation. Morocco offers a variety of options when it comes to this, since it is home to multiple mountain ranges (the Atlas Mountains).

Mount Toubkal

Mount Toubkal is the highest summit of the Atlas Mountains, Morocco, and all of North Africa. The village at the foot of the mountain is called Imlil, and it is the place where many adventure seekers start out their climb to Mount Toubkal. Of course you don’t have to make the entire climb if that’s not your cup of tea, since the landscape at Imlil itself is enough for you to come out here and enjoy it.

Oukaimeden Valley

The Oukaimeden valley is a gorgeous ski resort located at the heart of the Morocco’s high Atlas Mountains. Being the highest ski resort of Africa, Oukaimeden attracts visitors from all over the world, looking for a unique experience to top off their tropical vacations. The surrounding area is made up of green hills and small cozy Berber villages.

Ait Bouguemez Valley

Ait Bouguemez Valley, also called the valley of happiness, is located in Morocco’s high Atlas Mountains and it is home to multiple Berber villages. The breathtaking mountain landscape and green scenery of the valley, next to the idyllic and slow paced lifestyle of its villages have earned it the well-deserved name of “valley of happiness”. Enjoy your time hiking the valleys and visiting local women cooperatives at Ait Bouguemez Valley. 

With all of its tourist facilities, luxury hotels, unspoiled natural riches and authentic vibes, we think Morocco makes for a perfect destination for your next tropical vacation. After learning more about its nature and culture, don’t hesitate to start planning the tropical vacation of your dreams to Morocco now! 


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