One important part of every trip to Morocco is the gastronomy. Moroccan food is known worldwide for its rich tastes and textures, and it is essential to completing your vacation here. However, restaurants in Morocco do not serve only couscous and tajine exclusively. There is actually a large variety of Moroccan restaurants, both affordable and high end, that offer international world foods and drinks menus. Throughout Morocco, these restaurants can be found in different cities either frequently visited by tourists or only known amongst locals.

If you are currently in the middle of planning a trip to Morocco and are wondering what type of food you should be expecting here, and what kind of Moroccan restaurants you can visit, then you’ve come to the right place. Keep on reading to learn more about our favorite picks of Moroccan restaurants to enjoy while you’re here. The restaurants mentioned below vary between either Moroccan, international, or world food restaurants.    

Amal restaurant, Marrakech

Amal is not just a restaurant in Marrakech, but a non-profit organization that works to empower disadvantaged women through restaurant training and job placement. They take on trainees who have no source of stable income, train them in all aspects of the restaurant industry, then find job placements for them after the completion of their program. This non-profit, completely free for the trainees process is funded by the Amal restaurant locations in Marrakech. The restaurants offer affordable menus, containing both Moroccan and international dishes. 

The appeal of thisMoroccan restaurant lies not only in the quality of their food and service, but also in the fact that they are actively working to empower Moroccan women and make a positive impact on society.

Organic kitchen, Casablanca

Organic kitchen Casablanca is a Moroccan restaurant with western influences, which will make you feel like you’ve been transported to a location in California or Arizona. The restaurant prides itself in its healthy and balanced food menu which is both nutritious and tasty. Another thing that is unique about Organic kitchen is its cozy and bright interior that radiates comfort, fun, festive and contemporary.

Organic kitchen states on their website that their fusion and international menu is 100% fresh, organic, free of processed foods and ecologically-engaged. Their vision is to sensitize their visitors to the importance of clean and healthy eating, believing in “changing the world one meal at a time.”

Sufra restaurant, Rabat

This Middle Eastern food restaurant is a nice place to introduce yourself to Middle Eastern and Mediterranean culture and cuisine at an affordable price in the city of Rabat. Their menu options range from appetizers, accompanying dishes, main dishes and desserts, all inspired from Middle Eastern cuisine (mainly Palestinian cuisine). The inside of the restaurant feels home-y, where a cozy vibe is roaming throughout the place next to the pleasant smell of food.

Sufra is a Palestinian run and owned business, which means that your food will have the authentic Middle Eastern taste that you would be looking for in this kind of place.

Darna restaurant, Fes

Darna is a Moroccan restaurant in the city of Fes, specializing in traditional Moroccan cuisine with vegan and gluten free options. Located in the heart of Fes’ old Medina, this Riad turned restaurant is as authentic as it gets with Moroccan foods. The meals will include appetizers (Moroccan salads), then a main course dish that you can choose from a variety of options. The main course will then be followed by some type of Moroccan dessert suggested by the waiter.

Restaurant Darna will offer you a pleasant authentic Moroccan dining experience, with a panoramic view of the UNESCO heritage Old Medina of Fes if you wish to be seated on the terrace. The interior is a unique visual experience itself, with Zellige-covered walls and traditional Moroccan seating sofas.

Black Pepper, Meknes

Black Pepper is a relatively new Moroccan restaurant in the country’s Ismailia capital: Meknes city. Its menu is comprised of international dishes and Italian and Asian inspired original dishes, specialty of their chefs. Their ingredients are fresh, locally sourced and organic, with home grown chicken raised on their own farm. The restaurant also offers a variety of sushi plates and other Asian-inspired dishes that have been recognized by their customers for their great quality.

Black pepper’s interior is sleek and modern, with an overall welcoming and pleasant vibe. Mostly quiet, the place is perfect for large or small group settings.

La Villa O Saveur, Tangier

La villa Ô Saveur in the metropolis city of Tangier is a Moroccan restaurant offering it’s a memorable fine dining experience that will stick with them for years. The restaurant’s cuisine specialty is mostly French and Mediterranean food, drinks and desserts. Their luxurious dishes include the French monkfish stew, Italian Carpaccio, the South American Ceviche and many more. Their deserts are just as refined and luxurious as the main dishes, including cult-favorites such as Tiramisu, fruits Pavlova and crème brûlée.

Ô Saveur restaurant is located in the heart of the quiet California neighborhood in Tangier city, making perfect for intimate get-togethers. With its quiet and relaxing interior and its lovely outdoor area, the restaurant pleases both gastronomy experts and amateurs alike.

Yoo Healthy Food, Essaouira

In the heart of Essaouira city, Morocco’s hippy capital, is located a small restaurant that amazes all of its visitors. The Yoo healthy food is a juice and ice cream bar, in addition to being a hot spot for healthy, organic and clean eating. The menu offers a large selection of international foods for lovers of innovation and taste, without the unhealthy aspects. Yoo healthy food is mostly known for their slow pressed juices and frozen yogurt ice cream.

Being located in Essaouira’s Old Medina, this restaurant is small and cozy, offering its visitors a unique experience. In addition to this, the staff are known for their friendliness and their passion about what they’re doing.

So, have you decided yet on which one of these restaurants you will be visiting on your next trip to Morocco? As you could see, Moroccan restaurants offer a little something for every taste out there. If you’re looking forlocal, casual, or a fine dining experience, then Morocco will have a restaurant for you! We hope you enjoyed reading our article, and if you did, check out our blog for other posts like this, or contact us for more info about Morocco trips.



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