Morocco is a magical that everyone should visit at least once in a lifetime. Its lively culture, breathtaking scenery and colorful cuisine is to die for (not literally though, Moroccan food is actually fairly healthy). Moroccan cuisine has been recognized world-wide for its mixture of spices, smells, and textures.  Big international chefs have all experimented with the cuisine, or have at least recognized its value.

If you are interested in the cuisines of the world, Moroccan cuisine should definitely be on your list of things to try out. You will be blown away by the rich and contrasting flavors, which are a result of Morocco’s prolonged contact with other cultures throughout the centuries. In this article, we will introduce you to some Moroccan foods that every tourist, or culinary lover should absolutely try out. 


The Tajine

Tajine is a famous Moroccan food, taking its name after the name of the clay dish in which it is cooked. The premise of the Tajine is a slow cooked stew that can contain anything and everything from meats and vegetables. When vegetables are involved, the Tajine contents are usually arranged in a conical manner which gives it a beautiful presentation. The contrasting colors, shapes, smells, and tastes of the tajine are enough to stimulate all of your senses, giving you a full Moroccan gastronomical experience.  

The Tanjia

The Tanjia is another Moroccan food named after the vessel it is cooked in, but it has its own unique taste different than the one of the Tajine. Moroccan Tanjia a slow cooked meat dish that is usually sent to a public oven to be cooked, since it requires special cooking conditions that are hard to reproduce at home. When sent to the oven, the Tanjia is placed inside a pile of ashes from a wood fire and left alone for a very long time in order to fully cook and caramelize. Depending on regional differences and taste preferences, the Tanjia can be sweet, savory, tangy, sweet and savory all at the same time


Couscous is Morocco’s national dish, and the Moroccan food that the nation is most proud of. Traditionally, it is served on Fridays (the Muslims’ holy day of the week) after the group prayer at the mosque. Couscous can also be served during occasions such as the Hijri New Year, the Amazigh New Year, and family gatherings. Basically, couscous is comprised of streamed small granules of wheat semolina, served with a variety of topping and accompanying broth. The most common way to prepare couscous is with vegetables (called Seba’ khodari which translates to 7 vegetables) or with T’faya (a paste of caramelized onions and raisins).

Moroccan Bastilla

Chicken or Fish Bastilla is a famous celebration Moroccan food, usually seen making an appearance in weddings. Bastilla (or Pastilla) is a slightly sweet and savory pie with a mouthwatering filling and a thin flaky pastry. The filling is usually made out of a mixture of either chicken or seafood with crushed almonds and omelets. The fusion of tastes and textures is what makes Bastilla so special, making the savory desert of choice for Moroccans (it can also stand on its own as the main dish). Make sure you try Bastilla from a local chef on your next trip to Morocco.


Rfissa is a Moroccan food that, while it may not be the most elegant dish, holds a dear nostalgic place in every Moroccan’s heart. It is made by shredding a layer of bread or Msmen or Bread, then pouring a flavorful broth, chicken meat, and lentils over it. Rfissa is usually served for family gatherings, special occasions,or on the third day following the birth of a baby (due to its known benefits for nursing mothers). What makes Rfissa so special is the Fenugreek and the herbs blend (Msakhen) used in it, which give it a distinctive take and make it perfect for the cold weather.

The Hrira soup

Hrira is a Moroccan soup usually served on the first meal of the day during the month of Ramadan (a holy month for Muslims where they fast from sunrise to sunset). The soup is tomato based, and is prepared with lentils, chick peas, and beef or lamb stock. Other herbs and spices and spices can be used, but those are the main ingredients essential to preparing the Hrira soup. This Moroccan food is well loved throughout the country for its unique taste, and because it can be used to combat cold weather.


Morocco is home to two large ocean coasts, the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic coast, which makes the country a paradise for seafood loved. There are many Moroccan dishes that are based off of sea food, ranging from the most basic to the most intricate ones. Sea food can be commonly found the entire country, but it is best when it’s fresh out of the water, a.k.a in coastal cities. There is a variety of Moroccan restaurants specialized in seafood dishes, notably assorted dishes of fried fish.

Meatball “Kefta” Tajine

The meatball tajine is a famous variation of the mentioned Moroccan food: the Tajine. The specific type of Tajine is a made up of Kefta, or Moroccan minced meat, alongside a flavorful tomato sauce. No, we are not talking about Bolognaise pasta, we’re still well in the realms of Moroccan food. What makes Moroccan “Kefta” so special is that it is seasoned with a perfect mix of spices and herbs, including cumin and paprika. This creative dish can be commonly found in Moroccan restaurants that serve traditional food, most notably off the grid and Berber owned restaurants. Just like the usual Tajine, this variety is eaten using bread to scoop up the meatballs and the sauce.

Snail soup

This Moroccan food is one that doesn’t really make the headlines like Couscous or Tajine, but it’s definitely one to try out when you’re here. The snail soup is a street food that Moroccans love to consume while they’re out and about usually strolling through busy streets. What is basically is, is a soup where snails are boiled with their shells on, in a mixture of water and special herbs (thyme, aniseed, gum Arabic, mint, caraway and liquorice).

Moroccan cuisine remains one of the most interesting and rich parts of Moroccan culture, which has a lot to say about this country’s diversity. Those dishes were just a few of the best Moroccan foods that we recommend every person to try out on their next trip here. We hope you enjoyed reading our article, and if you did, check out our blog for other posts like this, or contact us for more info about Morocco trips.


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