Morocco is a country that has immense natural riches to offer to its visitors, ranging from the Atlas Mountains, to the golden dunes of the Sahara desert. However, another breathtaking natural gem that Morocco has to offer, that not a lot of people know about, is its large variety of beaches. Morocco is home to a wide coastal stretch, containing both the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. This gives the beach lovers a multitude of world class, developed or unspoiled, beaches to choose from for their next visit.

Whether you want to enjoy your time a quiet, fancy beach resort or adventure out into a wild beach, be Morocco’s guest. Actually, a number of Moroccan beaches have been recognized in the world for being some of the most beautiful in the world, which stands from the country’s breathtaking scenery, as well as efforts from the authorities to keep beaches nice and clean.


1.  Tagharte beach, Essaouira

The Tagharte beach in Essaouira city is a well maintained Moroccan beach with an award from the Pavillon Bleu label. The label describes as the beach as having an outstanding quality of water, environmental protection, security and service installations. This beach is a perfect spot to take some time off and relax after a day of exploring the city’s historical attractions.

2.  Mirleft

On this little town located about 129 kilometers south of the busy Agadir, the beach life is arguably better than what can be found in the bigger cities. The Moroccan beach town of Mirleft is home to some breathtaking, mildly equipped to wild beaches surrounded by a rim of craggy rocks and cliffs.

3.  Lagzira Moroccan beach

Lagzira is a Moroccan beach known for its picturesque scenery and landscape, as well as its perfect surf conditions. Located 10 kilometers north of the Sidi Ifni port town, this beache’s glowing orange and purple hues that can be seen during the sunset are absolutely breathtaking. Although Lagzira remains generally an unspoiled beach, you can find many useful services in the surrounding area such as restaurants and accommodations.

4.  Achakar beach, Tangier

Achakar beach is a very pleasant experience you can have, at just 15 kilometers west of Tangier city. It offers a relaxing escape from the busy center, while still being nicely equipped and well-kept itself. One special thing about Achakar is that it is located on cap Spartel, which is the sport where the Atlantic Ocean meets the Mediterranean Sea. 

5.  Cabo Negro, Mdi’q

On Morocco’s Mediterranean coast, one of the most developed and well-kept beach areas is the Capo Negro area. Located 13 kilometers northeast of Tetouan city, Cabo Negro is an upscale beach and golf resort with modern and exclusive amenities, for a comfortable and luxurious experience.

6.  Oued Laou town beach

Oued Laou is a coastal town located on Morocco’s Mediterranean coast, not very far from Tetouan city. The town is chill and laid back, with a Blue Flag awarded long and empty beach. While the town can get a bit busy in the summer when locals come here for vacation, it is still worth it nevertheless for its enjoyable beach and fresh seafood restaurants.

7.  Targha beach

Targha is a small beach town located about 16 kilometers away from Oued Lou, and 53 kilometer away from Al-Hoceima city. This Moroccan beach is a wild, unspoiled beach with crystal clean waters and impressive rocks to climb for fun. Targha is rarely visited (it’s like a secret that locals like to keep to themselves), so this beach will definitely be a quiet and undisturbed one to experience.

8.  Las Cuevas Beach, Asilah

6 kilometers south of the town of Asilah lies Las Cuevas beach at the bottom of a rounded dusty cliff. It’s a perfect beach for surfers due the crescendos-shaped waves that crash along the soft-sand shore. It is also equipped with surrounding restaurants that offer fresh seafood.

9.  Dragon beach, Dakhla

The dragon beach at the Dakhla Peninsula is one of the most beautiful Moroccan beaches, with some unique characteristics that are hard to rival anywhere else. Dragon beach is a white sand beach with crystal clear water, which makes it look like something straight out of a tropical postcard. This unspoiled beach is actually a small island located in the middle of a blue lagoon, making it even more special and attractive.

10.  Taghazoute, Agadir

Taghazoute is Morocco’s surf Mecca, for its incredible waves and perfect surf weather. The Taghazoute Moroccan beach has been a hot sport for surf enthusiasts ever since the 70s, but it is only now becoming increasingly popular amongst tourists and other Moroccans. The beach is well maintained but still preserves the wild vibe to it. Also, the town is home to many guesthouses and surf camps ready to accommodate visitors from all over the world.

11.  Quemado beach, Al-Hoceima

The Quemado Moroccan beach is an exceptionally panoramic beach located at Al Hoceima city. The beach is frequently visited by locals and tourists alike, which means it does tend to get busyin the summer, but its breathtaking view and clean water make it worth it. Quemado beach is also surrounded by two luxurious seaside hotels and resorts: the Quemado hotel and the Mohammed V hotel.

12.  Charrana beach, Nador

Charrana is an off the beaten track Moroccan beach, located about one hour away from Nador city. The way to this beach is not the most ideal, and it’s preferable to avoid it if your car can’t handle rough domains. However, if you can get there, you will soon realize that this beache’s golden sands and crystal clear make it one the most beautiful Moroccan beaches.

13.  Saidia beach

Saidia is perfect Moroccan beach town thanks to its year-round lovely weather and golden sand beaches that stretch over what seems like an endless distance. The city’s beaches are also suitable for water sports and other find activities that you might want to try out. Another things to not about Saidia is that it’s home to some incredible seaside beach and golf resorts.

 So, have you decided yet on which one of these beaches you will be visiting on your next trip to Morocco? As you could see, Moroccan beaches offer a little something for every taste out there. If you want to surf, cliff-jump, dive, or simply enjoy a relaxing nap on the soft sand of a sunny beach, then Morocco is the place for you! We hope you enjoyed reading our article, and if you did, check out our blog for other posts like this, or contact us for more info about Morocco trips.


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