Welcome To Tropical Desert Trips

Wadi Kerak

Tropical Desert is reflective of the hidden landscapes that Jordan has to offer today’s adventure tourist. These hidden tropical treasures and captivating landscapes make Jordan not only a top worldwide climbing destination, but also a top canyoning destination.

We offer a unique way of exploring the secrets of the Jordanian countryside through guided canyoning and hiking routes all over the country. Tropical Desert is here to deliver safe and exciting eco-adventure trips. We love our country’s landscape and want to share these experiences with our customers.

Our team is comprised of Jordanian environmentalists and archaeologists who have been exploring the diverse corners of Jordan for many years. Our group includes professional, multi-lingual mountaineers specialized in climbing, technical mountaineering, first aid, night navigation, and search and rescue.

We are the people’s people; most of our trips take place in remote areas, which are usually poor in economic wealth and cash flow. We employ locals to take part in our services, whether incorporating them as assistant guides, renting a pickup truck ride, or even a cup of tea – anything that they can offer to add value to our experiences in return for financial aid to these families.


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